I never thought how differently these stories might have ended if they had happened to someone else.
  1. When I was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign
    I didn't have my license or registration with me. The only question I was asked was where I was going. I explained I was driving to a nearby church to help film my friend's wedding video, and I was late. The officer and I shared a religion and a skin color. I didn't even receive any kind of warning.
  2. When I was hired for my job
    I was fresh out of high school with almost nonexistent experience. Luckily the experience I did have consisted of expensive after school programs and unpaid internships. Through family connections, I found the job I wanted at a local TV station and applied. Even after a lackluster interview where I admitted I'd never even watched the station, I was hired for the first job I'd ever even submitted an application for.
  3. When I trespassed in a private parking garage
    My boyfriend and I were trying to find a good overlook to watch the sunset, and accidentally drove into an empty garage on a private company's property. A security officer came over to our car and asked us what we were doing. He politely explained we weren't allowed to be there, and gave us directions to a better spot a mile or so up the road.
  4. Thank you to everyone sharing their grief, inspiration and their far more important stories with the world this week. ❤️
  5. The time I got pulled over for speeding, and I reached into my glovebox where I had left and forgotten about a prop knife. The officer said "that's a fake knife right?" I'm lucky he assumed so.
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