1. Who did Taylor Swift vote for?
  2. Did Dan from Dan in Real Life have a second job?
    Or was I actually supposed to believe he was raising three children on the salary from a weekly newspaper column?
  3. Which Shakespeare conspiracy is the right one?
    Was he gay? Was he a nobleman? Was he the pen name for multiple people? Did he meet the tenth Doctor?
  4. Where should I move this fall?
    I like that everyone around me is doing different things. I like working downtown. But you know, college towns are where the colleges are
  5. You know how your third grade teacher told you that the nucleus of an atom is as small as a football, and the electrons are like people running around the edge of the football field? So what's filling up all that space between the two?
    The straightest answer I've ever gotten on this is that electrons are moving so fast there isn't really room for anything else. But it still really bothers me.
  6. If I met Joss Whedon, would he like me?
    He would, right. I wrote a research paper about him in 11th grade. Or would he think that was weird?
  7. If I met Joss Whedon, would I like him?
    He just slapped his name on Agents of SHIELD and left and I don't know what to expect from him anymore
  8. Has OJ Simpson been allowed to watch 'The People vs. OJ Simpson?'
    Would he even want to watch it? What about 'OJ: Made in America?'