Inspired by @jmic
  1. Finding your obscure celebrity doppelgänger
  2. Making ice water
    I'm really good at getting the perfect ratio of ice to water (which is more than you'd think) and friends/family members have genuinely taken notice of this. It's always my job at dinner parties.
  3. Imitating other people's handwriting
    This might not actually be such a useless skill if I didn't lead such a boring, law-abiding life.
  4. Calling which child actors will become great adult actors
    Called Tom Holland way back in 2014
  5. Finding good excuses not to talk to you over the phone
    Because speaking to strangers over a speaker is traumatizing.
  6. Quoting from the movies of my childhood at length
    As in, like, a good 30 minutes of The Incredibles
  7. Throwing cards into a hat
    As far as I know, I'm pretty above average in this arena, but there isn't much of a basis for comparison.
  8. Pointing out what actors are from other shows/movies
    @jmic we need to start a support group