Inspired by @alys
  1. Bella
    My nine-year old sister. She gave me this title in 2009 because I'm pale and clumsy. Still going strong.
  2. Lar-Lar
    My grandparents.
  3. La-la
    A childhood friend I was closer with when we were 5 and this was an acceptable nickname. He's currently a very cool nineteen year old guy, who now knows me only in passing. But still calls me "La-la." (?)
  4. Finny
    Anyone I met at French immersion camp when I was 15.
  5. Laur
    Most likely @williamharrison or my dad. There's some psychologically uncomfortable overlap there.
  6. Melvin
    My 16 year old sister's phone contacts list. I remind @finesse of the giraffe from Madagascar.
  7. Jo-jo
    I also remind @finesse of the tiniest Who in Whoville.
  8. L-Train
    My uncle, Adonis Creed.
  9. Lauren
    People that haven't put in their 10,000 hours yet.