Slave to fashion? Not exactly. But I do get sucked in, too.
  1. New wave bob, circa 1986, Northern California.
  2. Graphic ESPRIT sweaters and Contempo Casuals button-downs.
  3. Jazz shoes. No, for real. About the time that Howard Jones "Dream Into Action" was a fixture.
  4. Waterfall bangs. When you move to Westchester County in the late '80s, love Depeche Mode, The Cure, and The Jesus + Mary Chain, it's a compromise.
  5. Blazers. With shorts. What can I say? Heathers was a major influence on my life.
  6. Carpenter jeans. It was the '90s. I cut off the hems and wore them with Vans.
  7. Rave style. Not kidding. I used to dance all night (and into the morning) at Twilo.