We are re-landscaping our backyard and our Home Owners Association requires us to have a porta potty on site for our workers. What's weird is how many other random people I've caught using it.
  1. Like our mailman
    The guy won't even get out of his truck to deliver mail if a car is blocking my mailbox, but when he's got to go, he parks in front of my house to use it... Some days, still no mail. Seriously?
  2. Like the substitute mailman
    This guy left me a note saying I'd committed a Federal Offense for putting flyers in my neighbors mailboxes inviting everyone to our 4th of July parade and picnic but he has no problem using a felon's toilet.
  3. Like some random kid.
    Not a neighborhood one, just some kid that was curious.
  4. Like the UPS man
    Brown delivers.
  5. Like workmen working on other neighbor's homes
    I don't know why this bugs me, but I feel somehow very territorial. Get your own toilet.
  6. Like not one, but two Arrowhead Water Delivery guys
    And, no, we don't get water delivered. Their giant truck was parked outside for so long, I went out to tell them they were at the wrong address. Nope! Just taking turns using the potty. One might assume they are well hydrated.
  7. And these are just the people I know about...