Everything you wanted to know plus some stuff you really didn't want to know
  1. Getting dressed, even if you aren't leaving, makes you feel better. Get dressed every day.
    Staying in bed hurts
  2. A brisket sandwich can fix most anything
  3. Musicals are magic
  4. Other people think I'm funny
    Got my first comedy writing job!
  5. You don't need to be on good terms with everyone- especially abusive people
    Unlike Voldemort and Harry Potter, both of us can coexist without communication or one of us being dead
  6. What gaslighting is and how it affects me
  7. Contrary to my prior belief, sleeping with an ex won't make you hate yourself less, in fact it will do the opposite
    And on the low remind you just how allergic to latex you are. (I omitted this TMI but my lovely roommate insisted I add it back and she has to live with me so I listen to her)
  8. Trust your friends. They love you.
    They also warned you about the above lesson.
  9. Tinder is good for a confidence booster but not for actual connections
  10. Jeans, boots and signature scents are worth investing in
  11. Sometimes fake eyelashes look like caterpillars- beware.
  12. I am me, without or without a boy
  13. My mom gets it
  14. You can't ignore your issues and hope they get better on their own.
  15. Spending 5 bucks a week on halal chicken over rice is the best self love. Cart food is the best food.
  16. Practice your craft!!!! It pays off!!!