🎶SOUTH Philadelphia born and raised
  1. The sports teams
    Why I love them- because they have so much heart. 2008 Phillies rocked my socks. Why I hate them- They are infamous for their rowdy fans. Only Philly sports fans would throw snow balls at Santa and pucks at a memorial. THERE IS AN EAGLES STADIUM JAIL WITH A JUDGE BUILT IN FOR IMMEDIATE SENTENCING.
  2. City Hall
    Why I love it- The architecture is old and super beautiful. The city runs through the bottom of it and it functions as a subway stop. Why I hate it- ARE YOU TELLING ME, THAT NOBODY THOUGHT THROUGH GIVING MY MAN WILLIAM PENN AN UMBRELLA HELD HORIZONTALLY AT WAIST LEVEL ON TOP OF CITY HALL. One of our city's most prominent statues looks like he has an erection at most angles. Why I love it- see above, William Penn boner
  3. How I have a memory on most blocks
    Why I love it- It's a great city to grow up in! Why I hate it- Many of the streets have a bad memory from my trash high school ex boyfriend and I don't like going down them anymore. The first week of freshman year of college, I gave out-of-towners a tour of the city which slowly turned into "Places I'd found out I'd been cheated on or lied to" sightseeing extravaganza!!! It was a great first impression.
  4. Public transportation
    Why I love it- there was no yellow bus to school and 2 kids had licenses in my graduating class and that's because everyone took public transportation. I can get anywhere in philly and name any bus line. An ancient Philadelphian saying to get off the bus is, "BACKDOOR DICKHEAD" Why I hate it- The backdoors never open! Only 2 subways lines! The drivers are always on strike! Some old guys hand is inevitably always on my leg! that .25 fare raise implemented years ago!
  5. It gives the illusion of a being a small place
    Why I love it- Despite being one of the largest cities, i will always always always run into someone I know in rittenhouse. Why I hate it- Growing up AND going to college here- I feel suffocated by the city!! I have explored most of it and wish I went somewhere where I wasn't followed by everything I grew up surrounded by. This being said- it's comforting to know I can walk or hop on a bus to a friends house and be there in less than 15 mins. Also I just love philly
  6. The city division
    Why I love it- Every part has a distinct personality/makeup with unique cultures!! Why I hate this- Everyone reps their part. West Philly or 'The Northeast™' not Philadelphia! and parts are divisive and exclusionary. previously mentioned trashfire hs boyfriend and I were BASICALLY Romeo and Juliet. a South Philly girl & a Mount Airy boy came. ALSO in hs, all of us spent all our time in center city where NONE of us lived. very strange division.