My favorite albums (and the best song on each album)

Based on the percentage of bops in each album. Actually, just based on facts. Yeah. Facts.
  1. Acid Rap- Chance the Rapper
    I have like 4 songs tied for first that's why this album is so good but I'll say the one I heard first 'Cocoa Butter Kisses' (ok but seriously every song on this album is a masterpiece)
  2. Back to Black- Amy Winehouse
    This changes often but 'He Can Only Hold Her'
  3. Strange Desire- Bleachers
    John Hughes-esque music magic! Loved the concert so much I went again the next day. 'You're still a Mystery' closely followed by 'I wanna get better' but only because it's helped me through lots
  4. Pure Heroine- Lorde
    Cmon girl release the album. Please. I've been waiting since 2013. 'Still Sane'. Another example of an album being art.
  5. 19- Adele
    'Melt My Heart to Stone' but very closely followed by 'Best for Last' tied with 'Hometown Glory' but I don't listen to Hometown Glory anymore. Adele is consistent.
  6. Anti- Rihanna
    'Higher' is the best but the best song out of the ones exclusive to the deluxe album is 'Sex With Me'. 'Sex With Me' invented self confidence/love and defeated evil in the world, can you believe it?
  7. Lemonade- Beyoncé
    This song is in my favorite album list because you can listen the entire way through feeling cohesive but not bored. It's ambitious. It's revolutionary. She gets a lot of shit but she's a true talent. 'Hold Up' is a BOP
  8. Tell Me I'm Pretty - Cage the Elephant
  9. Khalid- American Teen
    Another Sad Love Song