Songs That Shaped Me

Inspired by the brave and lovely @idae
  1. My Sharona by The Knack
    This one seems goofy, but it's been super important in my life. My dad used to sing this to my mom while she was in her coma for 2 months. Then it became important in my life when my dad substituted "Fiona" for "Sharona". Him singing this to me in the car as a little girl is the last solid good memory I have of him before addiction took over his life.
  2. Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles
    this one is straight off @idae 's list but I too have always felt camaraderie with all the lonely people. One of the most lovely songs.
  3. Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel
    this is my mom's song. She used to play this song in the car when we were growing up and sing and dance and it's when she's most her, and I love her
  4. I Wanna Get Better
    my fight song while I was in partial in-patient. Still trying to kick depression's ass. Played this in the hospital all of the time, told everyone I knew about it. thanks @jackantonoff
  5. Come Around by Rhett Miller
    AHHH- my first boyfriend sent this to me after we broke up, told me it was how he felt. YIKES teen angst. It was also in scrubs bonus
  6. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
    Lyrics aren't what connect with me at all. This song was my favorite song at a turning point in my life. Again, at the hospital, the guy who worked at the hospital and drove the van bought this album for me so we could listen to it every day. He wanted me to get better so bad and I love him for this small gesture that turned me around. Another sign to live.
  7. Guns for Hands by Twenty One Pilots
    This song really resonated with me for a while. This is the song that made me want to stay alive during my stint in the hospital and during the worst days of my depression. This band saved my life.
  8. Flashlight by The Front Bottoms
    made one of my best friends through shared love of this band. Also tied with probably win sized mattress by the same band, which also plays a role in my life.