Tv Characters I Am a Mix Of

Characters I am a mix of and how we are similar.
  1. Liz Lemon
    Dorky. Funny (hopefully?). Sardonic Humor and a stress eater. Also a Phillies fan. 30 Rock.
  2. Charlie Kelly
    This one is the most accurate. Like me, he's Philadelphia trash and would write a musical for the person he loves. Also awful in every way but somehow still likable? Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  3. Kelly Kapoor
    Me and Kelly Kapoor are one in the same. "I have a lot of questions. Number 1: How dare you?" When she's disgustingly flattered Ryan poisoned his baby for her- ME. The office.
  4. Troy Barnes
    Loyal friend. Kind of clueless??? Very funny. Community.
  5. Jerry/Larry/Gary Gergich
    Rolling with the punches and also a complete joke. Parks and Rec
  6. Mona-Lisa Saperstein
    The worst person in the world. Parks and Rec again
  7. Carla Espinosa
    Good friend. Honest. Scrubs.