Inspired by @angeliaheimsoth
  1. A veterinarian
    Dream died when i realized how much schooling this required
  2. A teacher for elementary school aged kids
    turns out I don't actually like elementary school aged kids
  3. veterinarian again
    "you've been saying this since you were five!" but again dream died because I didn't want to watch dogs die
  4. high school English teacher
  5. journalist
  6. President
    Thankfully short-lived. Politics are too mean for me I cried after a French class debate during sophomore year of high school.
  7. Vice President
    went through a big VEEP phase, thanks Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
  8. OBGYN/midwife
    honestly I'm confused why this ever was my plan. Probably resultant of idolizing everything Mindy Kaling does, even if it's just what she plays on tv??
  9. band manager/PR person
  10. High school English teacher again
    I think that this still sounds so nice, but I probably would only want to teach at my school, the dorkiest school on the east coast
  11. Screenwriter
    My current goal. I wanna write kickass tv shows. This is when I realized I wanna do what @mindy does in real life opposed to what she plays tv.