Songs That Just... Mean Something to Me

Some may be rather embarrassing to admit 😁 Somehow when I hear these songs, it takes me back to a specific time or place and I get stuck in memories for a while. I can listen to any of these on repeat.
  1. First Date - Blink 182
    I used to think about a possible first date with a kid that I wouldn't give the time of day socially/publicly, but thought of often during high school. Sk8r Boi - Avril Lavigne is another song that I have the same memory attachment about.
  2. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne
    Literally takes me back to a book I was reading. I had played this song on repeat so now both the book and song are forever entwined.
  3. Konstantine - Something Corporate
    This is hands down my. favorite. song. <3 this takes me back to getting ready for school every morning. On repeat.
  4. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
    Ok, Cruel Intentions but overall just a good song.
  5. The Funeral - Bands of Horses
    I listen to this on full blast when I'm aimlessly driving around at night.
  6. Chem 6A - Switchfoot
    Church camp. 2000? Huge crush on this kid named Aaron who played in the church band.
  7. I Miss You - Blink 182
    High school. I wasn't sold on their latest album. Emily thought this was scandalous and wrote down each track she liked and why she liked it. This was one of my favorites from the album.
  8. Swing Life Away - Rise Against
    Heard this at a concert with multiple artists and had to Verizon Music match it ASAP (because back then Soundhound/Shazam weren't really around)
  9. Cute without the "E" - Taking Back Sunday
    Summer working at the fireworks stand, crushing on a guy I worked with. He provided me with many emo songs that I still love. The acoustic version of this is, guh, all I want to listen to.
  10. Existentialism on Prom Night - Straylight Run
    "Sing like you think no one's listening. You would kill for this, just a little bit. Just a little bit." Screaming in the car to the lyrics of this song.
  11. Let it Die - Feist
    "Saddest part of a broken heart isn't the ending so much as the start." Guts me. Heard this right after a breakup and it was so fitting.
  12. Here in Your Arms - Hellogoodbye
    Somehow one summer Kelly and I stumbled upon this song and it was our favorite.
  13. Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
    On repeat for days one summer. I can sing all the lyrics to this. I found this song when it was included in a mashup. "Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something in between that? I wish we never fucked and I mean that."
  14. Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi
    Just takes me to a good place. Loved the music video just for the visuals.
  15. Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional
    First song on a mix tape from an ex. Always think of him when I hear this song.
  16. Lover I Don't Have to Love - Bright Eyes
    I can't explain it but when I hear this song, I hurt just from the emotions of his words.
  17. Needle in the Hay - Elliott Smith
    "Twilight" played through the radio from Audrey's iPod and it was so depressing. This was my first introduction to Elliott Smith. I found this song through research and it remains my favorite.
  18. Pretty Girl (The Way) - Sugarcult
    Boy from my summer job introduced me to Sugarcult. This was my favorite. "She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego and her killer instinct tells her to beware of evil men."
  19. Me and the Moon - Something Corporate
    I love me some Something Corporate.
  20. Worn Me Down - Rachael Yamagata
    I always liked this song but one day I listened to it shortly after my friend had her breakup and heard it differently. Like, I felt like it was meant for her. "You're wrong, you're wrong I'm not overreacting. Something is off. Why don't we ever believe ourselves?"
  21. Title and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie
    This is probably my favorite song by them.
  22. Tiny Vessels - Death Cab for Cutie
    "This is the moment that you know that you told her that you love her but you don't." "She is beautiful but she don't mean a thing to me." "Every bite I gave then left a mark. And tiny vessels oozed into your neck and formed the bruises that you said you didn't want to fade but they did and so did I that day." Ugh, so many lines that I love to sing. This is my favorite song that they perform live.
  23. Passenger Seat - Death Cab for Cutie
    Reminds me of all the times when I dated my high school boyfriend and we literally hung out in the car at night talking and staring at the sky.
  24. Cath... - Death Cab for Cutie
    This is how I felt in my last relationship when it came down to it. Struck a cord in me.
  25. Grapevine Fires - Death Cab for Cutie
    Sad references to the fires in California. "She laughed and danced through the field of graves There I knew we'd be alright."
  26. Steadier Footing - Death Cab for Cutie
    Omg, a song that suddenly fit into my life and matched how I felt exactly. "And this is the chance I never got to make a move but we just talk about the people we have met in the last five years and will we remember them in ten more?"
  27. Blue Light - Bloc Party
    Reminds me of summer after high school graduation. Sometimes it also makes me think of my douche-y ex but meh.
  28. The Mixed Tape - Jack's Mannequin
    "I'm writing you a symphony of sound." "This is my mixtape for her. It's like I wrote every note with my own fingers."
  29. The Tide - The Spill Canvas
    "And he can't understand how everyone goes on breathing when true love ends"
  30. Helena - Nickel Creek
    I never listen to song lyrics all that carefully until somehow I hear a certain line - and then I have to go back and listen to the entire song and understand it. "Cause Helena, guys like me never sleep alone at night. I don't need your sympathy 'cause I'll always be just fine."
  31. Everything I Once Had - The Honorary Title
    I actually just really like the screamo part towards the end. But this is another song I totally have memorized. I recently heard a new version of this song complete with new lyrics. I enjoyed this version as well.
  32. Float On - Modest Mouse
    "I ran my mouth off a bit too much, ah what did I say? Well, you just laughed it off and it was all okay" everything will be ok :)
  33. Work - Jimmy Eat World
    My favorite Jimmy Eat World song :) "can we take a ride? Get out of this place while we still have time."
  34. Slow Down - The Academy Is...
    This song was on a mixtape from my ex. "You kiss me like an over dramatic actor starving for work with one last shot to make it happen." "Take back everything you ever said. You never meant a word of it. You never did."
  35. Come All You Weary - Thrice
    I will never forget the way that Stefan sang this (I think it was for Rob's dad's funeral). It was so raw, emotional. I bought this song immediately after so I could listen to it on repeat.
  36. Set the Fire to the Third Bar - Snow Patrol
    "I'm miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground I pray that something picks me up And sets me down in your warm arms."
  37. Hands Open - Snow Patrol
    "Put Sufjan Stevens on and we'll play your favorite song "Chicago" bursts to life and your sweet smile remembers you, my Hands open, and my eyes open I just keep hoping That your heart opens"
  38. Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight
    Campy tv show "Harper's Island" played this song during a horribly tragic murder scene and I was falling apart. Also, realized I somehow had already obtained this song on my iPod so I could listen to it straight away.
  39. Tech Romance - Her Space Holiday
    So many lyrics that I can reference. "We'll have that movie kiss we talked about." I have no idea how I discovered this band but I am so happy I did.
  40. Japanese Gum - Her Space Holiday
    "It's not like I'm a slut or that I really like to fuck, I just want every boy I see to walk away with part of me until there's nothing left to hold, until there's nothing left to hate. I appreciate your help but even you can't save me from myself."
  41. Something to do with My Hands - Her Space Holiday
    I used to think of this kid in my French class for this song because we'd flirt, he gave me back massages, but he had a girlfriend and she did not like that we talked.
  42. 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
    Sad and beautiful. Love the sound.
  43. To Be Alone With You - Sufjian Stevens
    Before he came out with his albums about states (most know the Illinois album), I had this song. Love it. I know it's religious (he's speaking of Jesus) but it's beautiful. "I'd swim across Lake Michigan, I'd sell my shoes."
  44. Personal - Stars
    I caught this song on accident and was struck but how painful it was and how relatable it is in today's times. It would suck to go on this blind date and they see you from afar and decide you aren't good enough and leave before meeting you.
  45. Calendar Girl - Stars
    Audrey introduced me to Stars. I love the first two albums of theirs so much. Just love the lyrics "I'm alive."
  46. Popular - Nada Surf
    "You're so novel." Just a tongue-in-cheek song.
  47. Syracuse - Pinback
    I love Pinback simply for their use of instrumentals. They pick the right beats and tones in all their songs.
  48. Where Does the Good Go? - Tegan and Sara
    All the words. I feel all the words.
  49. Somewhere Around Midnight - Airborne Toxic Event
    I was randomly watching Last Call with Carson Daly and this song came on. I didn't know how much I would end up loving it and now I hear it on movies and the alternative radio station :)
  50. Airplanes - Local Natives
    It's the end of this song that makes me love it. I was introduced to this by Stefan.
  51. No Pins Allowed - James Yuill
    Accidental discovery of this artist but I spent my entire semester in painting class listening to this artist. This is my favorite of his.
  52. Anxious Arms - The Jealous Sound
    "Waiting for clouds and storms and for safety." I think Audrey introduced me to them? Doing this list has made me explore my iPod that I haven't touched in over a year. Missed all these songs.
  53. All My Life - K-Ci and JoJo
    Middle school life, for sure.
  54. I Swear - All 4 One
    Somehow I obtained this CD when I was young from my sister. Of course, this was my favorite off the album.
  55. Cosmia - Joanna Newsom
    Her voice is so unique.
  56. Delilah - Regina Spektor
    Biblical, sort of. Just beautiful though. Delicate.
  57. Extraordinary - Liz Phair
    "Average everyday sane psycho super goddess."
  58. Slight Night Shiver - M83
    I love M83. Mostly instrumental, some voice (words usually indecipherable). This song is my perfect fall asleep song. Crickets, cars driving by, instrumental.
  59. Coffee & Cigarettes - Michelle Featherstone
    Breakup ballad. "I must quit, I must quit you."
  60. I Know You Are but What Am I? - Mogwai
    Instrumental goodness. Love love love
  61. 13 Months in 6 Minutes - The Wrens
    Overall I like The Wrens album "The Meadowlands" but for whatever reason, this is the song that I listen to on repeat for hours. There's so much instrumental in the end.
  62. Chicago isn't for Lovers, Lovers are for Chicago - Witroy
    I really haven't heard anything else from this band but my ex put this on a mixtape and it was my favorite song of all the songs on the tape.
  63. Swans - Unkle Bob
    No idea how I came to have this song but it's so pretty and soft. "You tell me that you love me but you never want to see me again."
  64. The New Zero - Rasputina
    I only know of this band because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This song in particular had a catchy melody. It's definitely weird lyrically.
  65. Don't Speak - No Doubt
    "I really do feel like I'm losing my best friend."
  66. Her Morning Elegance - Oren Lavie
    Ok, I might like the music video better than the song but it reminds me of being at school and it's so pretty sounding.
  67. Every You Every Me - Placebo
    Cruel Intentions again but I just love listening to it. "Pucker up for heavens sake, there's never been so much at stake."
  68. Nothing Better - The Postal Service
    I used to just like the song until I feel like I lived it. Then I related to it on a whole new level. "I've prepared a lecture on why I had to leave."
  69. The Luckiest - Ben Folds
    I used to listen to this at night before I fell asleep and wished for someone to feel this way about me. "I'm sorry I know that's a strange way to tell you that I know we belong, That I know That I am, I am, I am, the luckiest"
  70. In the Sun - Joseph Arthur
    Featured on the movie "Saved". Good song. "I know I would apologize if I could see your eyes 'Cause when you showed me myself I became someone else. But I was caught in between all you wish for and all you need"
  71. Honey and the Moon - Joseph Arthur
    First heard this on The OC. I really love the beginning more so than the rest, particularly this verse: "Don't know why I'm still afraid; if you weren't real I would make you up now."
  72. Untitled #1 - Sigur Ros
    I first heard this before a play - it was the music playing while we waited for the show to start. Originally I thought it sounded like dying cats lol. But it's very beautiful instrumentals with vocals speaking in a made up tongue.
  73. Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros
    My second favorite song from them. I've heard it on movies and movie trailers lately too. Pretty sounds.