1. The Master -- hard to put my finger on this one. Similar style to There Will Be Blood with a dose of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's brilliance. I loved Joaquin Phoenix's character.
  2. Disgraced -- play about modern perspectives of Islam. Fascinating piece that takes the viewer to dark places. Gave me lots to think about. What are the expectations that we should have for subgroups in the US?
  3. What Happened, Miss Simone -- documentary covers Nina's life in music. Nina's support of change through violence temporarily derailed her commercial career, but through the support of friends abroad, she ended up with a good life. I saw a lot of parallels with Disgraced. Still tough to see footage from the 1968 turbulence. Fav song: Miss. Gdam
  4. The Prize -- book about Christie, Booker, and Zuckerberg's effort to reform Newark schools. Number one takeaway for me is that donors/change agents need to involve the community. Though it seems very difficult to distinguish between those fighting for kids and those fighting for adults/organizations/politics.