1. Fargo Season 2: incredible start to the second season, which is a flashback from the first season. Hanging garage tennis ball perfectly captures that great Coen juxtaposition of the mundane midwest life and a horrific murder. Suggested podcast pairing: "Aw Jeez"
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey -- great screen saver/background movie for a party
  3. Michael Specter on fast food in USA: "fatty, salty meals remain far cheaper to produce, distribute, and buy than healthier alternatives. For that to change, America's agricultural priorities will need to fall in line with its health priorities."
  4. David Wasserman of 538 on GOP primary rules favoring moderate Republicans: 1) blue state donors; 2) rotten boroughs
  5. Master of None: funny, new show from Netflix and Aziz Ansari