1. I've just finished watching the season 5 finale of "Girls."
  2. I have always loved this show. It has always been a wonderful portrayal of fucked up young people just doing the best they can, often failing miserably.
    As a young person who often fucks up and fails miserably, it has always held a special place in my heart.
  3. This season has been exceptional.
  4. No, really. This season was EXCEPTIONAL.
    What show's best season is the fifth one? Maybe "The Simpsons"? And literally nothing else.
  5. From the opening wedding episode to the final 400 Blows freeze frame...it was just perfect.
  6. The characters all grew and evolved in realistic ways. All of them. Even Elijah. Even Hannah's parents. Everybody was serviced beautifully.
    And no one got fixed. Everyone is still totally fucked up. But they all seem a little more okay with it.
  7. I now love Marnie.
    Marnie has always been a good character played brilliantly by @AllisonWilliams, but this was the season where I fully accepted her messiness rather than judging her for it.
  8. For me, "Girls" - this season in particular - is a celebration of our ugly humanity. It's finding beauty in the disaster. And I am overflowing with love for it right now.
  9. Also, I have this photo saved on my phone forever, because it is perfect.
  10. Sincerely,
  11. Patrick Fisackerly