I know. I know.
  1. Radiohead
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    It's not that I don't like Radiohead - I've just never listened to Radiohead. Honestly, I would probably love them. A friend once told me Radiohead was the pop music equivalent of Stephen Sondheim. Why that didn't sell me on them instantly is a mystery. One day I'm sure I'll buy a copy of "OK Computer" or "Kid A" and I will regret the years I spent without them in my life. One day.
  2. "The Wire"
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    Yeah, I've seen almost all of "Treme," but I've never seen "The Wire." I'm a real asshole.
  3. Lawrence of Arabia
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    I want to see it in a theater.
  4. "Game of Thrones"
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    There are just so many names.
  5. Shadows and Fog
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    The only Woody Allen movie I haven't seen. What am I waiting for?
  6. Moby Dick
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    I once bought this with only the best intentions. It remains in pristine condition.
  7. "Doctor Who"
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    FULL DISCLOSURE: I have probably seen about 20 episodes of "Doctor Who." But that's just a drop in the bucket considering the magnitude of that show. I think that's what scared me away from watching more - there's just SO MUCH of it.
  8. The Maltese Falcon (1941)
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    It's great, right? I'm sure it is.
  9. Infinite Jest
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    Oh come on, like you've read it.