I went camping over the weekend.
  1. Cooking over a fire is a lot of fun.
    There's not a lot of room for temperature regulation, so you're forced to improvise. I adhere so closely to recipes in my day-to-day life, so this was a nice reminder that sometimes, you just have to wing it.
  2. Hiking is not terrible.
    I'm still not sure it's for me - I didn't ENJOY it, really. But I didn't hate it. As a kid, I hated the outdoors in all of its many forms. Mississippi humidity is unbearable. But California, even when it's hot, is pleasant. And this weekend I hiked. And it was pleasant.
  3. I miss football.
    I played football when I was an adolescent. My deep dark secret? I LOVED IT. This weekend, someone brought a football and I tossed it around a little. Brought back a lot of fun memories.
  4. Getting super stoned and playing the Leonard Maltin Game under the stars may be my new favorite activity.
    I like camping.