1. I'm going this weekend and I have no idea what I'm doing. Please advise.
  2. Don't wear your shoes inside your tent.
    Major no-no. Also keep that shit closed you don't want any critters crawling in.
    Suggested by @stamos
  3. Bring trash bags with you. Many places have a carry in, carry out policy and it's brutal if you aren't prepared.
    Also this means you could have to drive a short distance with smell trash in your car after you are done camping, but it's all part of the experience.
    Suggested by @stamos
  4. Bring a headlamp but if you forget, your phone has a flashlight on it!
    Also, keep your phone on airplane mode all weekend. Saves the battery and then you can still use it as a camera, flashlight or to play music.
    Suggested by @stamos
  5. Sleeping tips: if you can get your hands on a mattress pad, definitely bring it to sleep on. Worst case scenario use a yoga mat. Real worst case scenario you can feel all the twigs and rocks you're sleeping on.
    Also, because you are car camping you'll totally be able to bring a pillow, but if you forget, then stuff all your clothes inside your sleeping bag's bag and voila, a comfy place to rest your head after all!
    Suggested by @stamos
  6. Bring a warm jacket and long sweatpants and a hat. Yes it's summer and yes it's warm but even when you're just outside of LA (which I assume you will be), it will feel very cold at night. Make sure you have some clean dry socks on hand as well. But don't overpack. No one wants to be that guy.
    And if it is really cold, especially in the morning, then a helpful trick is to put the clothes you plan on changing into in your sleeping bag while you sleep. Your body heat will keep them toasty and you get to step into some nice warm clothes in the am.
    Suggested by @stamos
  7. Put your phone in a cup to create a little mini stereo.
    Suggested by @grownwomanchild
  8. Bring baby wipes for whatever toilet situation you will have. They clean way better than just TP.
    Suggested by @grownwomanchild
  9. Bring stuff to make s'mores!
    Suggested by @MelissaStetten
  10. Bring a bag of Doritos as backup kindling for when the fire is dying out and you don't want to look for any.
    Suggested by @klrosenb
  11. Bring bundles of Sage to rest atop the logs of your campfire to keep Mosquitos away. (It doesn't always work but at best it does and at worst your campfire smells wonderful.)
    Suggested by @klrosenb
  12. Bear bag
    If I have to explain this to you, it's probably too late.
    Suggested by @Jen
  13. Do a tick check every night
    Even the places you wouldn't think...
    Suggested by @joannaspicer