1. Netflix, but with _________.
    Mapping is a great way to explore a comedic idea, but I have seen more than enough "dating Netflix" or "addicted to Netflix" sketches to last a lifetime.
  2. Tinder, but with _________.
    See above description.
  3. "Baby It's Cold Outside" is creepy!
    There's probably a new, original take on this, but I doubt you have one. It seems rapey, we get it. (It actually isn't, but that's a list for another day.)
  4. Bad Doctor/Bad Lawyer
    This can be done well. "The Simpsons" has done BOTH of these incredibly well. But you have to be specific. HOW are they bad? What makes them uniquely terrible?
  5. Coming out of the closet, but about _________.
    "Mom, Dad...I don't like The Beatles." I have seen this one more than anything else. The biggest problem - aside from being unoriginal - is that it makes light of something that is very painful for a lot of people. Coming out to your family and friends is not a joke. I understand that you're applying stakes to an otherwise mundane situation, but find a better and more creative way to do that.