These are all real and function as a window into how boring I am as a human being.
  1. Nicole Holofcener movie marathon
  2. 1000-piece Jigsaw puzzle and multiple bottles of wine
  3. Camping, but at one of those places with a pit to cook in. BARELY rural.
  4. IKEA
    We talk about furniture and wow what a deal this is, do you need another bookshelf, babe?
  5. Watching a movie or TV show I've never seen that means a lot to the other person
  6. Dave & Busters
  7. Farmer's market
    "Let's figure out how to cook this." Be still my beating heart.
  8. We go somewhere and play with cats.
  9. Sober sex
    Pretty sure I haven't had this in years, if I'm being honest.