Using a dating app as a man is a privileged experience - you aren't afraid of people turning out dangerous, or being slut-shamed or harassed. Worst case scenario, you meet someone boring or irritating. Still, there are a few notable things that I look out for and avoid.
  1. "Looking for adventure"
    How much adventure do you really think you're going to find on Ok Cupid? More importantly, how much effort do you expect men to make on what is primarily used for casual sex and dating? There are women I have dated for YEARS, and we never went on adventures. WHO GOES ON ADVENTURES??
  2. "I'm so sarcastic!"
    This comes up much more often than you'd expect. And really, it's a double red flag, because 1) Sarcasm is what unfunny people do as a substitute for wit or insight, and 2) Most of these women aren't even sarcastic, they're just the "funny one" in their friend group. They don't even know was "sarcasm" means! Avoid, avoid, avoid!
  3. "No hook-ups"
    Here's my thinking on this. Regardless of what I'm looking for, the type of person to say "no hook-ups" right away is generally the type who doesn't live in the moment. If you're on a dating app, why aren't you open to any and all possibilities? There's nothing wrong with not wanting to hook up - you do what you're comfortable with - but stating it outright just puts a damper on the proceedings right away. The sex negativity bums me out. Fine for some, but not a good fit for me.
  4. "The Most Private Thing I'm Willing to Admit: That I'm on Ok Cupid!"
    The "I don't have any kids...that I know of!" for online dating.
  5. Over-emphasis on zodiac signs, Myers-Briggs classifications, or other personality indicators.
    If you think our compatibility is quantifiable, we're probably not compatible.
  6. Low-res photos
    It's 2015. You can get a better photo of yourself. I promise you can.