1. Jesus Christ Superstar
    Webber's first masterpiece. Telling the story from Judas's point of view was revolutionary.
  2. The Phantom of the Opera
    An obvious choice, but for good reason. Beautiful melodies and a tragic love story.
  3. The Secret of My Success
    Often considered "lesser Webber," this musical adaptation of the classic 1987 Michael J. Fox film features my all-time favorite ALW tune "Sitting on Champagne."
  4. Banana Boat
    Critics doubted the great ALW could write an entire musical about singing bananas who sail the seas, and boy were they wrong!
  5. Ernest Goes To Jail
    Mandy Patinkin shines in the dual role of Ernest P. Worrell and death row inmate Felix Nash.
  6. Song of Solomon
    This erotic adaptation of the only book in the Bible solely about fucking is A+ hot stuff.
  7. Many Many Windows
    Only Andrew Lloyd Webber can make us truly feel a window's pain.
  8. Crossfire
    You'll get caught up in it.
  9. All About That Music: The Meghan Trainor Story
    Not since "Beautiful"...
  10. Starlight Express
    It's about singing trains.