Only the pre-puberty ones. Before sex was a thing in my brain/pants.
  1. Michelle Trachtenberg as Harriet in "Harriet the Spy"
    When I saw the ads for "Harriet the Spy," something clicked for me. She was so cool and pretty! I liked that! Also, she talked about how much she liked tomatoes in an interview, and I started eating tomatoes so we would have something in common. This is great, as I continue to love tomatoes.
  2. Mary Kate Olsen & Ashley Olsen (tie)
    These girls were EVERYWHERE. "Full House," feature-length movies, half-hour videos where they solved mysteries - you couldn't get away from them. And I didn't want to. I would often fantasize about them each kissing one of my cheeks (in homage to the poster for "Father of the Bride Part II," obviously). I was more of an Ashley guy (Mary Kate was the sporty tomboy and I wanted the girly girl - this was how they were marketed, I agree it's gross), but both held a place in my heart.
  3. Lindsay Lohan & Lindsay Lohan in "The Parent Trap"
    I guess I had a twin thing. Even if they weren't really twins. If you haven't seen this movie lately, please revisit it. Lindsay Lohan is GREAT in it. This crush makes sense to me, she's so charming! After this, my crushes became sexualized and gross in the way only middle school crushes can be. But these first few - they were pure. With lots of "Father of the Bride Part II" cheek kisses.
  5. Bob Hope
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  6. Prince Eric
    Dem baby blues and he had a dog. Major points.
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  7. Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson)
    This also continued through puberty thanks to Dawson's Creek. I saw him at Arclight Hollywood once and I still swooned.
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  8. Daniel Radcliffe.
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  9. Jonathan brandis (RIP)
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  10. Casper!
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  11. Zach Morris - he was a babe then, he's a babe now.
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  12. Cheryl Ladd 😍
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  13. Christian Slater in Pump Up The Volume
    The pic says it all
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  14. Rider Strong via his Boy Meets World years
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