I have a history of confusing and esoteric Halloween costumes that only I enjoy. Here is what I am considering this year.
  1. Dipper from "Gravity Falls"
    Grown ups know this show, right?
  2. Jive Turkey
    A Turkey who works for Jive Records and is constantly trying to sell people Britney Spears CDs.
  3. Wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap, and when people ask me about my costume, I say, "What costume?"
  4. "On Brand" Patrick Fisackerly
    Just me, but wearing a Taylor Swift cap and a "Girl Meets World" t-shirt and, I don't know, probably something Stephen Sondheim-related? Taking suggestions for this one.
  5. Dress in all white and say I'm the painting from the play "Art."
    Fuck you, me.