Need tips! She's coming in 2 weeks. She's 55 and a pretty cool lady, so don't be afraid to suggest younger/hipper things.
  1. West Side stuff
    She is flying into LAX at 9 a.m. and wants to spend that morning exploring the beaches/West Side. We are seeing a movie at the Chinese Theater at 4, so what should we do between 9:00 and the 4:00 movie?
  2. Weekend daytime stuff
    We are seeing some shows on Saturday night (and maybe Sunday night), but daytime for both days is wide open. Advice?
  3. TV tapings
    We may have time to see something on Tuesday morning/afternoon? She flies out of LAX pretty late in the evening, so as long as we're out by 7:00, we could do a TV show taping. What's filming in the summer that I could take my mom to? Do any of you work on The Late Late Show? My mom keeps sending me clips from that so I bet she would enjoy it.
  4. We are going to Disneyland on that Monday, would also love Disneyland tips!
  5. General advice also appreciated
    The last time my mom visited, I took her to IKEA, and she's still talking about it four years later. So if there's anywhere else cool that someone in rural Mississippi wouldn't normally see, let's hear it!
  6. Getty Villa, meal at Yamashiro, Venice Boardwalk? Yeah?
    Suggested by @allisonemiller