What, you want your scary movies WITHOUT characters breaking into song???
  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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    The biggest and the best of them all. Sure, watching it with audience participation is fun, but I am of the opinion it is best enjoyed in silence, as you would any great movie - because that's exactly what it is.
  2. Shock Treatment
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    The SEQUEL to "Rocky Horror"! Look, it's not great, but it has some killer tunes, and it's weird as all hell. Definitely worth a look.
  3. Little Shop of Horrors
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    Now that we have the original Director's Cut, "Little Shop of Horrors" has become one of my all-time favorite stage-to-screen (okay, technically screen-to-stage-to-screen) adaptations. The darker, sadder ending suits it, and the puppetry during the finale is OUT OF THIS WORLD.
  4. Phantom of the Paradise
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    A cult masterpiece! It's a rock 'n roll Phantom of the Opera with killer music by @paulielama2. It's dark and weird and insane and wonderful. Not to be missed. (Special thanks to @edub for tweeting about this and turning me onto it years ago.)
  5. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
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    If you want the genuine article, there are several wonderful filmed stage productions of this show that are readily available, but I'll go to bat for the Tim Burton adaptation any day of the week. It's a solid A-/B+, and the only thing I really miss is "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd"/the townspeople chorus. I actually really dig how underplayed it is, compared to the bombast of the stage show. It's not *better*, but it's different, and I like it a lot.
  6. Evening Primrose
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    Speaking of Sondheim, how about this hour-long TV special starring Norman Bates and Liesl Von Trapp as young lovers trapped in a department store ruled by evil overlords who turn people who misbehave into mannequins? You need this in your life.
  7. The Nightmare Before Christmas
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    While not a Halloween movie ("THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE AND THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT ), this is in fact a horror musical, and a GREAT one at that. There is some terrific lyrical playfulness here that often is overshadowed by the visuals. Close your eyes and just listen for a bit - it's wonderful.
  8. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
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    While I admit the essentially one joke wears pretty thin over the feature-length running time, it's a good joke, and this movie has a lot of fun with it.
  9. Teen Witch
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    Wonderful wonderful garbage. Not a musical so much as a teen comedy with several inexplicable musical numbers. Sure, we all know "Top That," but let us never forget the lyrical wonder of "I Like Boys!"
  10. HONORABLE MENTION: Love Never Dies
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    A sequel to "Phantom of the Opera" in which the Phantom moves to Coney Island and meets the son he fathered with Christine. It's awful. It's beyond awful. It must be seen. And fortunately for you, THERE IS A PROFESSIONALLY FILMED PRODUCTION AND YOU CAN AND SHOULD WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. You'll hate me for it, but we'll share a bond that will last a lifetime.