In Summer/Fall of 2005, I decided it was time to grow up and listen to "cooler" music. I made several mix CDs to help me on my journey. I have recently re-earthed them, and I will share with you my findings. Here is the first CD, labeled "A-May-Zing Music."
  1. "Life on a Chain" - Pete Yorn
    This is a really solid start for this mix CD. It builds nicely, it brings you in. It's very welcoming. It's also a really good song.
  2. "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team)" - Taking Back Sunday
    LOVED this song as an angsty youth. If you're asking me did I once scream-sing this in its entirety while wandering the halls of an abbey in France's Loire Valley, yes. Yes I did. But that's a list for another day.
  3. "My Paper Heart" - The All-American Rejects
    I resisted these guys at first, because I didn't want to listen to anything "commercial" (Dave Matthews Band was SO not commercial, OKAY??). But after looking at their lyrics, I hailed them as poets and never looked back.
  4. "For Justin" - Dashboard Confessional
    Was VERY into Dashboard at this age. No one has *felt* more than Chris Carrabba, God bless him.
  5. "Telescope Eyes" - Eisley
    I remember arguing with my girlfriend at the time about Eisley. She said they weren't as good as Antigone Rising. So that's a conversation that happened.
  6. "Don't Speak" - No Doubt
    An acoustic version! It's nice, but you can't top the original.
  7. "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" - Neutral Milk Hotel
    The first of MANY times this would appear on a mix of mine. It is my favorite song. Period. It will never be topped.
  8. "Lonelily" - Damien Rice
    Beautiful voice. I think I had just gotten his EP, which at the time felt like an extravagance ($8 for only six songs???). I think this was the first track off of that.
  9. "Jezebel" - Iron & Wine
    Ah, the summer I discovered Iron & Wine. Still some of my favorite writing music.
  10. "Just Another" - Pete Yorn
    I was pretty into this Pete Yorn album that summer. This isn't the last time he shows up.
  11. "Forever Young" - Alphaville
    Not exactly sure why this one is here, but it's a great song, so who needs reasons?
  12. "Drowning" - Dashboard Confessional
    Chris Carrabba just GOT me, you know?
  13. "Waste of Paint" - Bright Eyes
    Honestly, I'm surprised there's only one Bright Eyes song on this mix. No band/artist has remained a more constant fixture in my life in the past decade. Still love this one.
  14. "Episode IV" - Jimmy Eat World
    An early, low-key Jimmy Eat World joint. I preferred the later emo stuff, but I think I liked this one for the Star Wars reference in the title.
  15. "The Winter Song" - Eisley
    Are these gals still making music? I really loved them.
  16. "Love Soon" - @john Mayer
    Interesting thing about John Mayer - I listened to him from VH1 "Artist to Watch"-era onward (I think I'm remembering this correctly). Even though he was "commercial" and I was VERY MUCH against that, someone told me he played electric guitar really well live, so like, he was a real musician. Not like those hacks who played acoustic guitars or keyboard instruments in concert. Sellouts!
  17. "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)" - Pete Yorn
    Hi Pete, nice to see you again.
  18. "Anyone, Anyone" - Dashboard Confessional
    Hi Chris, nice to feel your feelings again.
  19. "The Professor & La Fille Danse" - Damien Rice
    I think this song was the reason I bought Damien Rice's EP. It's one of the most beautiful (and filthy) things I've heard in my life.
  20. "Southern Anthem" - Iron & Wine
    Great way to close it out. A great song from a great outfit. I'll see you all again for the next "A-May-Zing Music" mix. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked how good this one is. I would happily listen to this start-to-finish today. However, I suspect as we move forward in the series, that won't remain the case.