This morning I said I had one last Beta era confession. Well, I'm feeling sappy, so here are a few more.
  1. I was invited onto ListApp by @hollis in March.
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    We met a couple years ago on Ok Cupid. We became friends, and we talked on social media often. Now, through ListApp, we've become closer than we ever were, and thank god. Hollis is a lovely human, and I treasure having her around in my life.
  2. ListApp has given me the opportunity to connect with artists whose work I have loved and respected for years.
    @bjnovak @john @lenadunham @zoe @daveholmes - just to name a few. You've all been unbelievably kind, and I hope the public era of ListApp is all kind to you.
  3. ListApp meet-ups have charted the evolution of my social anxiety.
    I huddled in the corner at the first meet-up. It took half an hour for me to talk to anyone (I believe @sophia forced conversation onto me, bless her). This past weekend, I organized a meet-up of my own.
  4. ListApp gave me the confidence to feel like a participant in the conversation, rather than an observer.
    I'm far less intimidated by writers, actors, filmmakers, and the like, because those of you on ListApp made me feel valuable. That what I have to say is important and worth listening to. Thank you.
  5. Also, again, I love you guys.
    Such things cannot be overstated.