I went to college two hours away from the nearest Steak 'N Shake. That didn't stop me from visiting it. Often.
  1. I was so excited the first time I had Steak 'N Shake, that I asked my friend (yes, people came with me) to take a picture of me "doing the Steak 'N Shake." It looked like this.
    So young. So thin.
  2. This became a tradition.
  3. I miss that sweater.
  4. This was my favorite shirt. And I wore it to Steak 'N Shake twice!
  5. TWICE!
    I'm wearing it in the first photo - where it all began.
  6. One time, I convinced several of my friends to drive down with me so I could write an article in the school paper about Steak 'N Shake.
  7. We drove two hours, ate burgers, then drove two hours back. Totally worth it.
  8. Here is a Steak 'N Shake in Dallas from when I drove to Los Angeles the first time. Did I plan my entire route around this, you ask? Of course I did.
  9. Right before I moved to Los Angeles, I convinced my girlfriend and best friends to come down with me for one last hurrah.
    Unfortunately, there are no photos of all of us doing the Steak 'N Shake at the same time. One of my life's greatest regrets.
  10. There is a Steak 'N Shake in Santa Monica now, and I still haven't gone. So...Who wants to do the Steak 'N Shake with me?