I went to college two hours away from the nearest Steak 'N Shake. That didn't stop me from visiting it. Often.
  1. I was so excited the first time I had Steak 'N Shake, that I asked my friend (yes, people came with me) to take a picture of me "doing the Steak 'N Shake." It looked like this.
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    So young. So thin.
  2. This became a tradition.
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  3. I miss that sweater.
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  4. This was my favorite shirt. And I wore it to Steak 'N Shake twice!
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  5. TWICE!
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    I'm wearing it in the first photo - where it all began.
  6. One time, I convinced several of my friends to drive down with me so I could write an article in the school paper about Steak 'N Shake.
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  7. We drove two hours, ate burgers, then drove two hours back. Totally worth it.
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  8. Here is a Steak 'N Shake in Dallas from when I drove to Los Angeles the first time. Did I plan my entire route around this, you ask? Of course I did.
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  9. Right before I moved to Los Angeles, I convinced my girlfriend and best friends to come down with me for one last hurrah.
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    Unfortunately, there are no photos of all of us doing the Steak 'N Shake at the same time. One of my life's greatest regrets.
  10. There is a Steak 'N Shake in Santa Monica now, and I still haven't gone. So...Who wants to do the Steak 'N Shake with me?