1. ListApp is going public in a week. We should all be so proud of what @bjnovak, @dev, & Co. have created. Soon they will unleash it onto the world, inspiring more great writing and list-making than ever before. Unfortunately, that also means we're going to have to start putting up with more of that goddamned Carl from work.
  2. ListApp will provide an intimate connection between the public and the writers/artists they admire. A 13-year-old girl can ask @lenadunham about feminism. An aspiring guitar player can let @john know he is an inspiration. And goddamned Carl from work can tag @mindy in pictures of his 2013 Ford Fiesta.
  3. The writing on ListApp compared to other social media platforms is unparalleled. Goddamned Carl from work says "less" when he means "fewer," like a real fucking tool.
  4. I have forged friendships that without ListApp would have never been possible. Goddamned Carl from work forges swords in his garage. Lame swords.
  5. Goddamned Carl.
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