1. I go on a date in my mind.
    You know the person I had a crush on today (this does change daily)? Let's go on a nice date! We usually have dinner, filled with stimulating conversation, followed by outdoor talks of romantic longing that only exist in Cameron Crowe movies. They also existed in my real life until my early 20s, because I had learned courtship exclusively from "Say Anything..."
  2. I win an argument in my mind.
    This one is risky, because I don't want to get worked up. I want to feel resolved. These are less arguments than me explaining to someone I know in real life why they are wrong. And, because it's my head, they can't argue back. They accept it, and I am at peace.
  3. I write. In my mind.
    "What's a good idea for a sketch?" And then I just *go*, no filter. If it's a really good idea, I'll write it down, but mostly I'm just tricking my brain into turning my sketch into a dream. And if that dream happens to have a structure with beats and game, so be it. What, you thought I dreamed in Groundlings style?
  4. I check ListApp.
    More of you should post things in the middle of the night.
  5. Marijuana.
    Actually, this one almost always works.