1. The times she would record "Power Rangers" for me.
    Every morning when I was five. If it was a rerun, she would skip it that day. She cared enough to keep up with that.
  2. The time she explained "Who's on First?" to me.
    I was probably six years old. She rented a cassette tape from the public library with old Abbott & Costello bits on it, and she played it for me. I still remember sitting in the car with her outside of my dad's office, and she explained that Who was the NAME of the first baseman. It was the moment I discovered comedy.
  3. The time she comforted me after a school dance when I was crying because no one wanted to dance with me.
    We waited in the carport for me to calm down so dad wouldn't have to see.
  4. The many times she - as my math teacher for three years in high school - would play Dave Matthews during tests because she knew I loved him.
    She always played music on test days. James Taylor, Chicago, Billy Joel. But if something I liked was low-key enough, she would play it for me.
  5. The times she listened to Weird Al in the car instead of what she wanted to hear.
    My mom has heard the story behind every Weird Al song released between the start of his career and around 2002. God bless her.
  6. The times she's listened to Stephen Sondheim in the car instead of what she wanted to hear.
    (Present Day)
  7. The time she took me and some friends to see Dave Matthews Band five hours from home.
    I was a freshman in high school, and she drove us from Winona, Mississippi to Little Rock, Arkansas so I could see my favorite band.
  8. The times she drove me to guitar lessons every week, and would sit in her car outside my teacher's trailer to make sure I was safe.
    She didn't want to leave me alone in some man's house, so she would stay there for hours every week. Always so supportive of my musical interests.
  9. The time she took care of my sister during a really rough time.
    I'll write about this later on in detail, but my mother was an absolute hero with my little sister.
  10. The time she threw me a surprise birthday party in high school and didn't invite the kids who had been mean to me earlier that week.
    She always paid attention. Still does.
  11. The time she decided we should see a double feature of "Saving Mr. Banks" and "The Wolf of Wall Street."
    I warned her that she may prefer to see only "Mr. Banks," but she insisted we see both. She shushed me when I laughed during the cocaine butthole scene.
  12. The time she found my marijuana pipe and started crying when she asked me if I was on drugs.
    I took her in my arms and said, "It's medical! It's medical!" She admitted she's googled "crack pipe" and feared the worst. We hugged for several minutes.
  13. The time she picked me up early at a school event and handed me an envelope with two tickets to see Paul McCartney live in New Orleans that night.
    "Your suitcase is packed, we're leaving right now."
  14. All the times.
    Every single one.