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  1. Shelby
    We were on the way back from a church youth group-sponsored Halloween hayride in the woods of Greenwood, Mississippi. We sat in the back of her friend Reid's minivan. Classic rock played from the speakers. I had my arm around her. She leaned into me. I looked down at her red hair and kissed it softly. She looked up at me as if to say, Now. Do it now. And so I did. Just once. And then she started monologuing about how she'd never pictured her first kiss happening in a minivan. It was perfect.
  2. Rachel
    Rachel was my summer sweetheart before I met Shelby. We held hands and talked about our feelings, but we never kissed. I was 16. You'd think a 16-year-old would be comfortable kissing someone, but I was terrified. So we never did. A few years later, Rachel and I went to the same college. We found ourselves in my dorm room one night. "Spring Awakening" playing on my computer. And I kissed her. We made out for an hour. It was incredible.
  3. Sarah
    Sarah and I were friends throughout high school. We were always dating other people, there was never a thought of anything sexual between us. And then one night, alone, we found ourselves in that place. "I shouldn't kiss you," she said. "What if I leaned in just to see what it would be like?" I asked. "Just for practice." I leaned in and she started kissing me immediately. She tasted like cigarettes. At 18, this was exotic and exciting. I was immediately addicted.
  4. Lisa
    I was 19. She was 27. We met for coffee, then went for a walk. We sat on a porch swing and talked for hours. And then she grabbed me. This was my first experience with rough, animalistic sexuality. And I liked it. A lot.
  5. Hannah
    Hannah and I had a long-distance courtship that began on Facebook. The first time she drove five hours to see me, I wanted it to be special. When she arrived, I opened the door and Death Cab's cover of "Earth Angel" began to play. I didn't say a word. Neither did she. We danced in my apartment, then as the song ended, we kissed.
  6. Crystal
    I went to high school with Crystal. We were very good friends. One Thanksgiving, I came back to Mississippi from L.A. and I ran into her. We went to a gas station, bought some Four Lokos (it was the era of Four Loko, you remember), and sat in her parked car out in the middle of the country. She told me her boyfriend was a bad kisser. I told her I was better. And, in my Four Loko'd haze, I directly contributed to another person's infidelity. I regret that almost as much as I regret the Four Loko.
  7. Almost every woman I've kissed since turning 23
    On my couch. Over drinks. Adulthood is boring.