The Oscars are tomorrow and at this point, I've seen most of the important things. So here we go, two months too late.
  1. 20.
    Furious 7
    Dismiss the Fast & Furious franchise all you want, but no movie last year delivered a better blending of action and heart. I cheered and I wept. #family
  2. 19.
    Mad Max: Fury Road
    The best-directed action movie in years. It's a beautiful cacophony of mostly nonsense, and that's a-ok with me.
  3. 18.
    The Intern
    The Intern is a movie about kindness. It embraces the corn, and it works. I love this movie.
  4. 17.
    One of last year's most essential films. Wholly original and exciting.
  5. 16.
    The Martian
    A really well-executed crowd-pleaser. Matt Damon is terrific.
  6. 15.
    A lovely little movie about three generations of women.
  7. 14.
    Inside Out
    Take her to the moon for me.
  8. 13.
    The Hateful Eight
    It's a hoot!
  9. 12.
    It's a sad hoot!
  10. 11.
    Far From the Madding Crowd
    One of the most overlooked films of last year. Beautifully acted and directed. Seek this one out.
  11. 10.
    Steve Jobs
    A filmed play, in the best possible sense. Dares to be abstract in a literal universe.
  12. 9.
    Ex Machina
    The .gif says it all, doesn't it?
  13. 8.
    The Overnight
    A smart, funny examination of adult human sexuality. And it's also pretty hot.
  14. 7.
    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
    J.J., buddy, you pulled it off.
  15. 6.
    It Follows
    Artful and terrifying. After seeing it, I was walking back to my car in fear.
  16. 5.
    The two lead performances are flawless. It's a wonderful film.
  17. 4.
    A powerful love letter to journalism.
  18. 3.
    Magic Mike XXL
    The "Make her smile" scene is the best five minutes of any movie last year.
  19. 2.
    I cried from beginning to end. A transcendently good movie.
  20. 1.
    The Diary of a Teenage Girl
    The best movie of last year. An empathetic, heartbreaking depiction of a person we don't get to see. This is a fiercely feminist and unapologetic film. It's powerful and funny and smart and perfect.