1. Mom, don't make me go to church. Please. I can't, I just can't! The Oscars are coming on!This is my Super Bowl!
  2. Mom, I'm not going to church this year. I'm old enough to stay by myself now. Yes I am. Mom! This is my Super Bowl!
  3. Mom, how was church? Of course I'm watching the Oscars. This is my Super Bowl.
  4. Mom, come in, Billy Crystal is inserting himself into all the movies! He's the best! I love it! This is my Super Bowl!
  5. Mom, I'm sorry I was so loud. I was just so happy "Crash" won Best Picture! "Brokeback Mountain" was great - I saw it even though my dad told me he wouldn't give me money for college if I did - but I'm just so happy "Crash" won! THIS IS MY SUPER BOWL!
    It's true - at the time I was REALLY into "Crash."
  6. Mom, are you watching the Oscars? The cable in my dorm room seems to be working tonight, so that's good. I know, it's weird not watching it at home. Okay, got to go, it's back on. So excited! This is my Super Bowl!
  7. Mom, how were the Oscars? No American TV feed in France, at least not where we're staying. "No Country for Old Men," yeah, I saw. I'm surprised you stayed up that late, you usually don't. Thanks for telling me about it. Yeah, you're right - guess I missed my Super Bowl. Next year!
  8. Mom, I'm driving to Memphis to see Hannah. Yeah, spur of the moment thing. I'll be fine, I'm awake, and it's only five hours. Yes, I'm being safe. I know, but I had time off work, and Hannah--what do you mean I have a "look" on my face? We're *friends*. I have to get going. Let me know what wins Best Picture. No Mom, Hannah is NOT my Super Bowl.
  9. I lost my virginity to Hannah one month later. I told her I loved her the next day. THAT was my Super Bowl.