All of these people have been unreasonably kind to me.
  1. Stephen Tobolowsky
    Stephen was the first person to reach out to me when I moved to Los Angeles. We had become friendly on social media, and when I got here, he encouraged me to take one of his classes. That class was how I made my first friends in Los Angeles.
  2. "Weird Al" Yankovic
    I was taking classes at UCB, and I signed up for a UCB volunteer event at the L.A. Food Bank. I expected mostly students like me, but it ended up being exclusively working comedians and actors. I was 22 years old and overwhelmed. Weird Al arrives, and he scans the room full of famous or soon-to-be famous faces. Then he sees me by myself, and he approaches me. "Hi, I'm Al!" Of course you are. Easily one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.
  3. Kristen Bell
    I was at the Arclight with a friend. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard walked in right behind us. I didn't say anything to them, but I took notice. My friend stopped at concessions, paused, then sighed and said, "Nah. Can't afford it." We sit down for the movie, then Kristen Bell walks in holding popcorn. She hands it to us, smiles, then walks away. She heard my friend say he couldn't afford popcorn, so she bought him popcorn. Such a kind gesture.
  4. Carl Reiner & Dick Van Dyke
    The New Beverly was hosting a screening of a movie they made together. I showed up carrying my "Dick Van Dyke Show" complete series DVD box set, and I approached Mr. Reiner and asked him to sign it. He laughed and said, "Sure! Would you like me to get Dick to sign it too? Then you can sell it on eBay!" They both seemed a little baffled a kid in his early 20s was so excited by them, but they were very nice. (I never sold that box set on eBay, and I never will.)
  5. @kulap Vilaysack
    I owe so much to Kulap. She has always supported me and my career ambitions, She's been an employer and a friend. She once gave me one of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten (Kulap, we haven't discussed this, but I guess I'm letting you know now on this semi-public forum): "Enter every conversation with the intention of making the other person feel comfortable and happy." This has made me a better person. So thank you, Kulap. I think the world of you. Now make a list!
  6. Donald Glover
    Controversial choice? I know Donald has gotten the reputation from some of being a little full of himself, but several years ago he was very cool to me and my friend at Birds. It was my friend's 21st birthday, and because he and I were huge "Community" fans, we asked Donald to do a shot with us. Donald bought the shots, then just hung out for a while. He made our night just by treating us like bros. Meant a lot to baby Patrick.
  7. Marc Weiner
    The "Weinerville" guy! I went to a live show of his when I was about 8 or 9 years old, and afterwards he looked me in the eyes while I told him how much I loved his show. He respected me, and I rode that wave for years.
  8. David Sheffield
    David wrote for SNL in the '80s and penned many huge Eddie Murphy movies (most notably "Coming to America"). I took a class of his, and I did the obnoxious thing of asking about every famous SNL sketch that happened during his tenure. And he would happily tell me all the SNL minutiae a little comedy nerd could ever want to hear. We're Facebook friends now, and he always "likes" posts about me doing comedy and pursuing this career. Really encouraging, such a swell guy.
  9. All of you people
    You're all genuinely great. But you knew that.