In which I go almost entirely with conventional wisdom and produce a pretty boring list as a result.
  1. 15. Brave
    A lot of Pixar's movies have had troubled productions. But "Brave" is the only one where it shows. It's not BAD, it's just kind of a mess. I admire the ambition of "Brave," and there are things I like about it (that HAIR, for one), but for me, it's the Pixar movie I like the least.
  2. 14. Cars
    There is nothing bad about "Cars." There's just nothing great about it. It's all middle-of-the-road (ugh, sorry for that). It's the rare Pixar movie that is more for kids than families/adults. There's nothing wrong with this. It's just...not for grown up me.
  3. 13. Cars 2
    The most maligned film in the Pixar canon is actually a pretty fun children's movie! There's a lot - A LOT - of Mater in this one, but when "Cars 2" focuses on action sequences (of which there are also a lot), it's great! Of all the movies on this list, I'm betting this is the one it's least likely you've seen. Give it a chance, it's not bad.
  4. 12. A Bug's Life
    From here on out, it's just going to be a lot of me saying, "This is great!" Pixar has never made a bad movie, but somehow more remarkably, they've also almost always made GREAT movies. "A Bug's Life" may be on the lower end of the greatness scale, but it's still an underrated entry in the Pixar canon.
  5. 11. Monsters University
    Totally unnecessary, but really terrific Pixar comedy. It's "Animal House" for kids (damn you Dan Harmon for using the title "Monster House" first, you prescient bastard). Does it have the pathos of some of Pixar's best? No, and it never tries to. It's lighter stuff, but in its levity, there is greatness.
  6. 10. Monster's Inc.
    Has the edge on "Monsters University" solely because of its final shot.
  7. 9. The Incredibles
    This should be higher. This movie is a masterpiece. What am I thinking? Look, let's just be honest, it's a nine-way tie from here on out.
  8. 8. Toy Story 2
    "Toy Story" gets the edge for innovation and "Toy Story 3" gets the edge for emotional punch, but make no mistake, "Toy Story 2" is perfect. "When She Loved Me" gets more and more devastating the older I get. I've just been thinking about it and I need a hug. Please, this is important, I saw "Inside Out" tonight, I'm feeling a LOT right now.
  9. 7. Toy Story 3
    That ending. THAT ENDING.
  10. 6. Finding Nemo
    This movie is perfect. NEXT.
  11. 5. Up
    The first 10 minutes are the best thing Pixar's ever done. I still can't believe they pulled it off.
  12. 4. Inside Out
    My GOD, the WORLD-BUILDING in this movie is UNREAL. "Inside Out" is a perfect screenplay brilliantly brought to life. And the CASTING, holy SHIT. I'm really enthusiastic about this one. It's truly something special.
  13. 3. Toy Story
    This movie is a miracle.
  14. 2. Ratatouille
    God, what a weird as wonderful little movie.
  15. 1. Wall-E
    "Wall-E" is not only the best Pixar movie, it's also one of the greatest films ever made. Period.