I am watching "Gilmore Girls" for the first time. It's pretty great. Here are some things I assume will happen.
  1. "But Rory doesn't like strawberries!"
    Lorelai doesn't have time to plan Rory's birthday party, so Sookie volunteers to take care of it. In lieu of a cake, Sookie decides to bake a raspberry tart. But uh oh, Jackson brings her strawberries instead of raspberries, and it's just a big mess.
  2. "Lane dates a bad boy."
    He rides a motorcycle and everything. Fortunately, she comes to her senses, and she and Rory split a muffin to celebrate.
  3. "Rory and Lorelai go camping."
    Rory loves it! Lorelai quips, "I run an inn! We could just stay in one of the empty rooms, that's almost like camping!" Rory: "I thought you said you wanted to rough it." Lorelai: "That IS roughing it! No HBO, very rustic."
  4. "Luke's dad is in town."
    Luke's dad comes to town. He's just like Luke, and everyone gets a real kick out of it.
  5. "Rory needs new socks."
    Emily insists that she will give Rory socks but Lorelai says no way.
  6. "Lorelai gives up coffee for a day."
    In a timely parody of the Norman Lear film "Cold Turkey," a prominent coffee company offers Stars Hollow residents a financial reward if they can give up coffee for one day. And Lorelai gets REALLY grumpy about it.
  7. "Dean drinks a beer."
    But he doesn't like it THANK GOD.
  8. "Richard says something sassy."
    He's such a sassy man!