For @lfried.
  1. "What's it like to have a penis? Does it get caught places?"
    I like having a penis. They're easy to maintain, and you can do fun things with them. When pantsed, the penis only becomes problematic when erect, which usually stops being an issue post-puberty. Most of the time I don't notice it's there. I will say that I have cooked while naked, and this is a MISTAKE! Almost spilled bacon grease on the guy. NOT GOOD.
  2. "Do you worry about aging and becoming obsolete, too?"
    Yes, but probably not as much as women do. Society favors older men and treats older women like shit. Also, biologically our bodies let us reproduce until death, so at least on a subconscious level I'm sure that brings me comfort. But do I worry about being an obsolete old man in a general sense? Of course. I'm not ready for the world to be done with me. That's a terrifying thought.
  3. "Do you think about your 'masculinity' a lot?"
    Yes. I wish I didn't. But I do. I grew up in the rural South, and I got teased for being more feminine than what was acceptable. Got called "fag" a lot. Even in college, gay guys would tease me for being in the closet. This happened at a bar a couple weeks ago. So it's something I'm constantly aware of. It's not that I mind being perceived as gay by strangers - I don't, who cares - but I do feel like I need to "butch up" for women to take me seriously on a sexual level. Pretty gross, right?
  4. "Do you have less emotional noise? Or do you simply not check in with it?"
    It's there. I don't know how much the average woman has, but it's there for me. Some days it's overwhelming. I try to manage it. Sometimes I ignore it. Sometimes I confront it. Usually I am able to function. Usually.
  5. "Does feminism scare you? If so, why?"
    God no. Feminism is the base level of human decency. Women are incredible - who wouldn't want them to have every opportunity that men do? If anyone questions feminism - even a little - that person is an asshole.
  6. "How would you suggest women support each other better than bros seem to be able to?"
    My most supportive "bros" are women. Because I'm a big bleeding heart who prefers emotional support to...whatever dudes do? I don't have a lot of male friends. As far as how women can treat each other better - I don't know. I'm not a woman, I'm not there, I feel weird even proposing a solution. But in general, just be kind and communicate the best you can. Every once in a while, that works out okay.
  7. "What about intimacy is so scary?"
    We are not raised to be vulnerable. We harden ourselves at an early age. Some of us stay soft. I'm on the softer side. But I still have a problem looking people in the eye. That's still pretty scary to me. I don't feel in control anymore. You can see me, all of me. Is that not scary for everyone?