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  1. Anna.
  2. I didn't break up with Anna. I left.
    I moved to Los Angeles and left her in Mississippi. It was the right decision. But that doesn't mean I didn't sit at some Burger King in Texas crying over a plate of chicken fries. That's not an embellishment, that literally happened.
  3. I knew I wanted to date Anna from the moment I saw her. Even before I knew what she looked like.
    I was working at a clothing store called Buckle. I came to work one day, and they told me the new girl was in the dressing room trying on clothes. I inadvertently caught a peek of her as the door swung open (she was clothed), and I caught a very brief glimpse of her. And somehow I knew.
  4. I had to woo Anna.
    Anna was sort of dating someone else. So I said okay, that's cool. And then she got sick (like fever sick, not cancer sick). So I brought her a smoothie and kept her company. She made me so late for class with that smoothie run. I didn't care.
  5. I liked Anna so much, a woman literally showed up at my door one night without a shirt on and I turned her away. At the same time, Anna was on a date with the other guy. M
    She was wearing a vest. No shirt. No bra. I let her in, but I didn't get close to her. She eventually left, no doubt very confused.
  6. Anna was new to the school (I was a senior and she was a freshman), so I convinced her to let me take her out for Halloween.
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    She was the old college girl favorite "A Flapper." I was Nightman, because, you know, 2009.
  7. We dated secretly. No one at work knew. It is easily the hottest thing I have ever done.
    I'm serious. Being in a secret relationship is better than sex. Every interaction is foreplay, full of subtext and sexual energy. And it's done right under everyone's noses.
  8. We had one fight. Just one, in the seven months we were together.
    It was for a legitimate reason. No petty fights with Anna. She was so secure, so relaxed. Especially for a college freshman.
  9. I miss Anna.
    As a friend, if nothing else. She was a joy to be around. She's engaged now, to a guy who once picked a fight with me on Facebook because I criticized the cast of "Duck Dynasty." Oh well, she's in Mississippi. Options are limited. I imagine she's happy. She wouldn't be with him if she wasn't.
  10. Thank you @videodrew. This was nice to think about.