Yesterday marked my five-year anniversary living in Los Angeles, actively pursuing a career in comedy. And I am not where I want to be. Still...
  1. You're on a well-respected sketch team at a theater people have heard of.
    Okay, iO West is no UCB (really in any regard), but they are secretly putting out some incredible sketch comedy, even though no one "important" is paying attention. I'm proud of the work I've done there, and it's made me into a good comedy writer. Before moving here, I would watch The State and say, "I can do this!" And now I do. And that's great.
  2. You do get asked to write and perform at UCB. Occasionally.
    When I moved here at 22, I was at UCB probably four or five nights a week, easily. Everyone who performed there was a celebrity to me (including the actual celebrities). I had a weekly alarm on my phone that would go off when Comedy Death Ray tickets went on sale. I was a crazy person. And now, once or twice a month, I get on one of those stages and Do Something. As far as 22-year-old me is concerned, I have Made It.
  3. You have a lot of friends who love you.
    Last summer, I had very few friends. I know this is true, because I had to cancel a date with @erikaheidewald (she can verify this) because someone invited me to watch a movie with a group of comedians. I had been an outsider for years, and understandably so - I was kind of a dick. Mostly a dick. I was a dick. BUT - now I have a lot of wonderful, kind people in my life. And I don't feel alone. I rarely feel alone. I feel alone less than I used to.
  4. You live in a city and do things that would make 10-year-old you would weep tears of joy.
    Yes, 10-year-old me, I can WALK to a movie theater. And yes, 10-year-old me, I see MOVIE STARS in public. And yes, 10-year-old me, some of them even FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. Oh, yeah, it's an Internet thing, just join it really early and get a bunch of followers, that's how you'll get a TV staff writing gig in 2013. WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN, 10-YEAR-OLD ME???
  5. You're on goddamned ListApp.
    Seriously, this thing is great and you people are wonderful.