In recent years, one of my favorite things to do when visiting family over the holidays is explore the online dating scene in the area. It never disappoints.
  1. Jesus
    SO MANY profiles start with "Swipe right if you love Jesus!" There's an awfully specific kind of person who likes to initiate flirting with a proclamation of their religious beliefs, and it appears they've all chosen to live in Mississippi.
  2. Parenthood
    At minimum, a third of the women on Tinder in Mississippi are mothers. And almost all of them are under 25. I even found a pregnant 20-year-old!
  3. Age Deception
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    This is a really weird one! I have come across several women who lie about their age to trick the Tinder algorithm, then say their true age in their "about me." I've even come across HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS doing this.
  4. Makeup
    So much makeup. SO MUCH.
  5. Guns
    This should come as a surprise to no one.