My mom made me do this.
  1. This is what I dressed like in high school.
    Initially this photo was supposed to be a counterpoint on the absurdity to come, but I think you'll find the lesson is I looked stupid all the time.
  2. But for my senior photos (I assume this is a thing everyone does and not a small town Mississippi thing?), I had to dress in "church clothes." Like this.
  3. We shot multiple poses for each look.
    In this one, I'm holding onto a tree.
  4. I owned clothes like this because my high school girlfriend sort of forced me to? Here we are on a couch.
    Note my excessively ill-fitting jeans.
  5. Back to the photo shoot!
    I'm very much over the whole thing here, but my mom thought it read as "contemplative."
  6. This look produced some gold.
    This looks like the album cover of an independently produced country record.
  7. GOLD.
    This one is still hanging in a frame in my childhood home.
  8. To be honest, I was excited about this one.
    Everyone in my high school had a train track picture and I made a point to tell the photographer I needed one too.
  9. Unrelated to this list, but while going through photos I found this one of my high school girlfriend and me in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and it's fucking precious.