My mom made me do this.
  1. This is what I dressed like in high school.
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    Initially this photo was supposed to be a counterpoint on the absurdity to come, but I think you'll find the lesson is I looked stupid all the time.
  2. But for my senior photos (I assume this is a thing everyone does and not a small town Mississippi thing?), I had to dress in "church clothes." Like this.
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  3. We shot multiple poses for each look.
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    In this one, I'm holding onto a tree.
  4. I owned clothes like this because my high school girlfriend sort of forced me to? Here we are on a couch.
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    Note my excessively ill-fitting jeans.
  5. Back to the photo shoot!
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    I'm very much over the whole thing here, but my mom thought it read as "contemplative."
  6. This look produced some gold.
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    This looks like the album cover of an independently produced country record.
  7. GOLD.
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    This one is still hanging in a frame in my childhood home.
  8. To be honest, I was excited about this one.
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    Everyone in my high school had a train track picture and I made a point to tell the photographer I needed one too.
  9. Unrelated to this list, but while going through photos I found this one of my high school girlfriend and me in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" and it's fucking precious.
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