1. Some of you may be aware that it has come to light that two men in the L.A. comedy community have sexually assaulted or harassed multiple female comedians.
  2. While there have been rumors about these men for years, this is the first time their victims are speaking out publicly and naming their abusers.
  3. There is now a divide, between those who support the victims and applaud the bravery of these women, and those who worry about the reputations of these sexual predators.
  4. I don't know if this subject warrants a list. I'm too scattered to write about this elegantly.
    I'm angry. I'm angry that this happened. I'm angry that I didn't say anything when I knew these men could potentially be dangerous. I'm angry that I introduced one of my close female friends to one of the men, and he proceeded to send her unwanted sexually graphic messages, causing her to feel unsafe and stop going to comedy shows. I'm fucking furious.
  5. Why won't people believe women when they say they've been assaulted or harassed? Why automatically give the men the benefit of the doubt? How is this a hard concept to grasp?
    Publicly casting doubt on the women's stories creates an environment where people don't feel safe coming forward. If no one comes forward, no one gets caught. This perpetuates the cycle of abuse.
  6. I know we can't eliminate the risk of sexual assault. I know that. But we CAN create an environment where *the abusers* are the ones who don't feel safe. A world where women aren't shamed for speaking out and telling the truth. A world where people believe them, because why wouldn't they? This is attainable.
    I want to believe this is attainable.
  7. If you are a victim of sexual assault or harassment, you are not alone. And there are people who will be there for you.
    Since women started posting about their experiences, I have witnessed an outpouring of support by women and men alike. Far more positive feedback than negative. I have seen women gain peace of mind about something that has haunted them for years. However you feel most comfortable dealing with what happened to you, your friends will have your back. I will have you back. I promise.