Lot of new people coming into ListApp, here are some of my favorites. Add your new favorites too!
  1. @RachelPologe
    Rachel is a writer who works at Abso Lutely. She's funny and kind and falls down a lot.
  2. Erika is the best and I know this because she's told me so. She wrote a dubstep musical adaptation of Romeo & Juliet that I haven't seen because UCB books it at times that suck for my schedule. She's traveling the world right now, so expect lots of lists about how her life is better than ours.
  3. Sam is super cool and very generous with faving tweets. She also plays basketball and is therefore a badass.
  4. I hope you like puns and photoshopped Variety articles, because Ben is here now.
  5. Dave is an excellent writer and he is too good for us lowly ListAppers, but nobody tell him that.