1. It's great. It's so great.
    Every sketch hits. Every single one. I saw most of them twice, and I laughed just as much the second time.
  2. I turned out to be in good company - lots of friends and other adults in the audience.
    I got there very early, as did a LOT of hipster youths. They intimidate me, even if they are just 2-5 years younger than I am. I've always felt very old. My favorite TV show as a kid was "The Dick Van Dyke Show." So yeah, a 24-year-old in a stylish hat is terrifying.
  3. I invited my good friend (and +1 to the taping) Ele onto ListApp, so look forward to her soon.
    You will all love her, because I love her.
  4. I don't want to say any more.
    I want you to experience "With Bob & David" without any major preconceived notions or ideas of what to expect. Just know that it's very good, and you are right to look forward to it.