1. Everyone here is under 25, meaning there's no way they watched "Mr. Show" in its original run.
    I didn't either, and I'm not quite 27, but I feel old here.
  2. There's a reason I don't do this anymore.
    Waiting in line for a long time to see a thing. I just can't. For this, I will, because it's Bob and David. But popular comedy shows, concerts, other takings - it's too much wasted time. Yeah. This is a young man's game.
  3. My friend (and +1) is running late and I am trying not to have anxiety about it.
    I get anxiety pretty easily. Especially when it concerns meeting someone for an event. I always arrive first, and the other person always runs late ("runs late" = "on time" for any reasonable human being). This is why I do a lot of things alone. I'm so fun!
  4. I brought a book to read but it gets dark at night.
    Took me longer than you'd think to realize this one.
  5. I recognize someone in line but I don't remember her name, so we have been avoiding eye contact for an hour.