1. The Songs
    We only get two, but they're both really fun and clever. There is a lot of lyrical playfulness in "West Covina," and "Sexy Getting Ready Song" is a hilarious, feminist, fist-pumping anthem.
  2. The Scope
    This show is BIG. The "West Covina" number had what looked like 30+ dancers and it ended with Rachel Bloom suspended in the air on a giant pretzel. That sequence was a mission statement - this show is not "Glee." It will not confine its numbers to an auditorium. It's a huge, showy musical. And thank god.
  3. The Hot Asian Love Interest
    You know what we never see on TV? Sexy Asian dudes. No social or ethnic group is more emasculated than Asian men. And "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" gives us one worth moving across the country for. It isn't even commented upon - Josh could have been played by *anybody* - which makes it all the more refreshing. Representation is so important, and this show understands that from minute one.
  4. The Portrayal of Complicated Female Relationships
    "You must be my assistant" was probably my favorite non-musical moment in the show. That one assumption and its repercussions inform us so much about who these characters are. Their relationship is far more interesting than with any of these guys. That's the couple I'm rooting for.
  5. Rachel Bloom
    She's so great, right?