I have not seen the movie "Pixels."
  1. Adam Sandler tells his kid to stop playing those useless video games.
    Then his kid helps him save the day when those video games attack. If not a kid, substitute with friend or family member. Same character arc.
  2. Mario comes out of a toilet.
    Because pipes.
  3. Donkey Kong farts.
  4. Sonic eyes a jewelry store, looks at the camera, and winks.
    So many rings!
  5. Josh Gad shrieks.
    The kids love that Olaf! They love him!
  6. Several jokes about video game characters having sex.
    Gotta earn that PG-13 somehow!
  7. Kevin James (playing the President, that's true, look it up) makes a comment about how at least he's skinnier than Taft.
    Nah, this joke's too smart, but one can dream!
  8. A beautiful woman falls in love with Adam Sandler.
    In life, there are few certainties. This is one of them.